gdb and kse

Daniel Eischen eischen at
Sun Sep 28 22:30:35 PDT 2003

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003, Christopher M. Sedore wrote:

> I'm beginning some work that utilizes kse-based threads.  I've been trying
> to use gdb for debugging, with very limited success.  In some instances, gdb
> does as one would expect (catching segvs, etc), most of the time, however,
> if the program segvs, the process just hangs and gdb sits there (the threads
> show state as "STOP" in top).  In some cases, hitting control-c on will
> bring gdb back to life, but things are not right.

No, gdb isn't kse thread-aware yet.  Some things may look like they
work because of similarities between internal thread layout in
libc_r and libkse.  It is on my TODO list.  Gotta finish up some
pressing work work first.

Dan Eischen

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