bind9 and threading - recommendations for a 4.7 system?

hutchens david.hutchens at
Thu Sep 25 08:21:38 PDT 2003


I posted this to "questions" a couple days ago and have not had a response,
so I'm hope someone here can help me out (and I just noticed that the "smp"
looks at little too quiet :O ) - thanks in advance.

I've done quite a bit of digging around and have found only a few "dated"
references indicating that it would not be recommended  to enable threading
support for bind 9
(breaks the -u opt. etc). Is this still the case for bind 9.2.2?  I running
an SMP enabled 4.7 box
(Dual PIII - Intel MOBO).

Please reply to me directly (or CC me), I'm not a member of this list.
Thanks for your time.


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