[Bug 249229] bectl tests on openzfs seem to deadlock on armv7 ("KSTACK_PAGES is 2")

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Thu Sep 10 10:24:00 UTC 2020


            Bug ID: 249229
           Summary: bectl tests on openzfs seem to deadlock on armv7
                    ("KSTACK_PAGES is 2")
           Product: Base System
           Version: CURRENT
          Hardware: Any
                OS: Any
            Status: New
          Severity: Affects Only Me
          Priority: ---
         Component: tests
          Assignee: testing at FreeBSD.org
          Reporter: trasz at FreeBSD.org

The CI armv7 runs seem to deadlock during kyua run:

00:33:05.151 sbin/pfctl/pfctl_test:selfpf1002  ->  passed  [11.031s]
00:33:06.278 sbin/pfctl/pfctl_test:selfpf1003  ->  passed  [10.469s]
00:33:16.854 sbin/pfctl/pfctl_test:selfpf1004  ->  passed  [10.284s]
00:33:27.243 sbin/pfctl/pfctl_test:selfpf1005  ->  passed  [10.138s]
00:33:37.694 sbin/devd/client_test:seqpacket  ->  passed  [0.496s]
00:33:38.299 sbin/devd/client_test:stream  ->  passed  [0.470s]
00:33:47.960 sbin/bectl/bectl_test:bectl_create  ->  ZFS NOTICE: KSTACK_PAGES
is 2 which could result in stack overflow panic!
00:33:50.333 Please consider adding 'options KSTACK_PAGES=4' to your kernel
07:59:05.190 qemu-system-arm: terminating on signal 15 from pid 65604 (timeout)

See https://ci.freebsd.org/job/FreeBSD-head-armv7-test/70/console for test

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