[Bug 240049] Flakey test case: lib.libc.gen.getmntinfo_test.getmntinfo_test

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Sun May 3 23:11:39 UTC 2020


--- Comment #8 from Mateusz Guzik <mjg at FreeBSD.org> ---
Is this testcase running in parallel with mount/unmount requests for something
else? If not, what's "mount" output while the test is running?

It is supposed to be an invariant that the fields tested here are set correctly
at mount time, but I see a potential for a race. Prior to my changes the kernel
kept overwriting these fields before copyout with expected values.

VFS_STATFS(mp, &mp->mnt_stat) called on mount can easily inject transiently
"bad" values due to memcpy. Note the rest of the buffer has arbitrary content.
If I'm right, the code was already broken prior to my changes but not in a way
which could have been detected by this testcase.

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