[Bug 245832] sys.netipsec.tunnel.empty.v{4,6} fail after r359374

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Fri May 1 23:18:15 UTC 2020


--- Comment #7 from John Baldwin <jhb at FreeBSD.org> ---
kyua actively makes this hard to investigate.  I can't get it to leave the
setkey config files around (kyua debug only redirects stdout/stderr which is
useless in this case).

So, I ran the entire test under ktrace and used kdump to figure out what it
wrote.  It appears to have used an encryption key of "", and even though the
test fails to report the error from setkey, trying that directly does error (so
would be nice if we could get the test to report stderr output from jexec'd
things to stderr):

# setkey -f /mnt/jhb/work/git/netperf/IPSEC/Configs/source-null.conf
The result of line 8: Invalid argument.
The result of line 9: Invalid argument.

But I'll track it down from here since I can reproduce.

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