[Bug 244168] [i386] sys.net.if_lagg_test.lacp_linkstate_destroy_stress panics kernel

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Sun Feb 16 16:46:15 UTC 2020


            Bug ID: 244168
           Summary: [i386]
                    panics kernel
           Product: Base System
           Version: CURRENT
          Hardware: i386
                OS: Any
            Status: New
          Severity: Affects Only Me
          Priority: ---
         Component: tests
          Assignee: testing at freebsd.org
          Reporter: lwhsu at FreeBSD.org

sys.net.if_lagg_test.lacp_linkstate_destroy_stress panics i386 kernel


if_lagg_test:lacp_linkstate_destroy_stress  ->  panic: vm_fault_lookup: fault
on nofault entry, addr: 0                                                      
[1742/1858]cpuid = 5                                                           
        time = 1581628143                               
KDB: stack backtrace:                                                          
db_trace_self_wrapper(69,198e3e00,14f9e44,198e3e00,d8c6ff4,...) at
db_trace_self_wrapper+0x2a/frame 0xd8c6fc0                                      
kdb_backtrace(ffdf,8bc7000,8be2000,8be2018,18c7198,...) at
kdb_backtrace+0x2e/frame 0xd8c7020                                             
                  vpanic(14f9e44,d8c7068,d8c7068,d8c7138,12c8fbc,...) at
vpanic+0x11f/frame 0xd8c7048                                                    
panic(14f9e44,14dc991,0,2,0,...) at panic+0x14/frame 0xd8c705c                 
vm_fault(8bc7000,0,1,0,0) at vm_fault+0x1c9c/frame 0xd8c7138                    
vm_fault_trap(8bc7000,4,1,0,0,0) at vm_fault_trap+0x52/frame 0xd8c7160         
trap_pfault(4,0,0) at trap_pfault+0x161/frame 0xd8c71b4                         
trap(d8c728c,8,28,28,7d3,...) at trap+0x3a8/frame 0xd8c7280                    
calltrap() at 0xffc0316f/frame 0xd8c7280                                       
--- trap 0xc, eip = 0x10316ea, esp = 0xd8c72cc, ebp = 0xd8c72fc ---             
witness_checkorder(1ba15e30,9,2489d2d7,7d3,0) at witness_checkorder+0x5a/frame
_sx_xlock(1ba15e30,0,2489d2d7,7d3,2696b000,...) at _sx_xlock+0x4d/frame
     lagg_port_state(2696b000,1) at lagg_port_state+0x2f/frame 0xd8c7348        
do_link_state_change(2696b000,1) at do_link_state_change+0xb4/frame 0xd8c7370  
taskqueue_run_locked(b8abe00,0,d8c73e4,1027b5e,bd55000,...) at
taskqueue_run_locked+0x97/frame 0xd8c73c8                                       
taskqueue_run(bd55000) at taskqueue_run+0x44/frame 0xd8c73d8                   
taskqueue_swi_run(0) at taskqueue_swi_run+0xe/frame 0xd8c73e4                   
ithread_loop(196abfa0,d8c7468) at ithread_loop+0x283/frame 0xd8c7434           
fork_exit(f985c0,196abfa0,d8c7468,0,0,...) at fork_exit+0x69/frame 0xd8c7454    
fork_trampoline() at 0xffc033de/frame 0xd8c7454                                
--- kthread start                                                      
KDB: enter: panic                                                              
thread pid 12 tid 100025 ]                                                      
Stopped at      kdb_enter+0x35: movl    $0,kdb_why                             
db:0:kdb.enter.panic> show pcpu                      
cpuid        = 5                                                               
dynamic pcpu = 0x9db3180                                                       
curthread    = 0x1962d180: pid 12 tid 100025 critnest 1 "swi6: task queue"      
curpcb       = 0xd8c74c0                                                       
fpcurthread  = none                                  
idlethread   = 0x19619c00: tid 100008 "idle: cpu5"                             
APIC ID      = 5                                     
currentldt   = 0x50                                                            
trampstk     = 0xffc12ff0                            
kesp0        = 0xd8c74b0                                   
common_tssp  = 0xffc01b88                                  
tlb gen      = 186060                                      
curvnet      = 0xbd06000                                   
spin locks held:                                           

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