[Bug 211924] lib/libc/sys/mmap_test:mmap_truncate_signal fails with SIGSEGV instead of SIGBUS

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Fri Sep 6 12:54:01 UTC 2019


--- Comment #6 from Konstantin Belousov <kib at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Jilles Tjoelker from comment #5)
I believe we are compliant with the behavior for the partial page.  We always
zero-fill invalid parts of the partially-valid pages that are mapped into

Was there a history behind the SIGBUS requirement ?  I believe that the change
for SIGBUS->SIGSEGV came with r151316, and I cannot remember such explicit
language at that time.

Anyway, I am certain that we do not want to change the signal definitions back,
because there are programs that depend on it and which already did the switch
to accommodate to the change.

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