[Bug 241562] failing test case: lib.libexecinfo.backtrace_test.backtrace_fmt_basic

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--- Comment #2 from Conrad Meyer <cem at freebsd.org> ---
Thanks for the report and quick CI bypass, Li-Wen Hsu.  I'll investigate
tomorrow.  Of course, the test passed locally (outside of Kyua sandbox).

It looks like the CI build is stripping test binaries more aggressively than on
my machine; when I strip(1) the test binary, I can reproduce the failure.  I
have WITH_DEBUG_FILES=1 in my /etc/src.conf, but I don't believe that's
important here -- I think the install(1) step is where the test binary gets
stripped (further).

Here's an extremely high-level sketch:
backtrace_test.full:  34k
backtrace_test:       23k
backtrace_test.debug: 19k

Somehow, test + test.debug is substantially larger than test.full (+8k).

Meanwhile, the installed binary is only 20k.  So 3kB more has been stripped
from the version I tested.  It looks like that's .symtab and .strtab, so, I
guess that's not too surprising.

(The full binary has additional
.debug_{str,loc,abbrev,info,ranges,macinfo,line,aranges} sections that neither
stripped version has.)  The "debug" setaside has duplicate .shstrtab,
.SUNW_ctf, .symtab, and .strtab (the latter two are only duplicates of the
OBJDIR program) sections that likely explain the extra 8k.

"myfunc{1,2,3}" are in .symtab only, and that gets stripped.

The test looks pretty fragile but relies on finding all of the myfuncs, plus
some assumptions about how ATF tests are named.  So at least one thing it needs
is those functions in a symbol table (.dynsym or unstripped .symtab).

Again, thanks for the report and quick workaround!

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