Running Kyua within Jenkins script

Susan Stanziano susan.stanziano at
Wed May 1 14:55:11 UTC 2019

Hi all, 

A question on running Kyua within a shell script on Jenkins. 

I’ve been automating test suites using Jenkins and added the 

“kyua test” 

command to a shell script (default is /bin/sh) in Jenkins followed by 

the “kyua report” command. 

For some reason, any commands after “kyua test” do not get executed. 

Separately, either command (test or report) runs correctly within my script on Jenkins. 

Is there something in “kyua test” that after a run it kills further processes or is there something within Jenkins 

that would prevent subsequent commands from being executed after “kyua test” completes? 

Or am I missing something simple here? 

Thanks for any suggestions, 


susan.stanziano at 

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