Is there anyway to get FreeBSD supported by Travis CI?

Alan Somers asomers at
Tue Jun 5 17:09:55 UTC 2018

 On Tue, Jun 5, 2018 at 10:50 AM, Norbert Fuhs < at>

> Hi,
> Is there anyway to get TravisCi to support FreeBSD or help FreeBSD with it
> as voluntary?
> I normally use Ubuntu and try to get Ponylang <>
> running on FreeBSD 10.4  and they use Travis as CI.
> Best,
> Norbert
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Short answer: no.

Long answer:
Travis uses Linux containers + Docker for their Linux builds.  FreeBSD
obviously can't run in such an environment.  They do something different
for OSX, but they either aren't interested or aren't able to extend that to
FreeBSD (and based on the OSX queue times, it seems likely that Travis's
OSX system is too expensive to provision enough nodes).  However, there are
alternatives to Travis:

* BuildBot and Jenkins both run on FreeBSD, and they both work with GitHub
commit hooks and statuses.  It's a lot more work than using Travis, but you
can set up your own FreeBSD build server using one of these tools.  You can
see a live example here: .
* If you don't care about security, because you won't be building pull
requests from untrusted contributors, then you can use BuildKite's service
with your own build server.  It's easier to setup than the other option,
but not secure.  GitLab has a similar agent.  But again, it's not secure.
BuildKite is working on a solution to the security problem, but there's no
ETA.  However, BuildKite's agent is open source and fairly simple.  So if
you're sufficiently motiviated, you could write your own agent that uses a
per-build Jail for security.
* If you don't mind slow builds and you don't mind ripping off Travis's
free service, then there actually is a way to run FreeBSD on Travis: with
QEMU.  If it sounds like an abomination, that's because it is.  It's
incredibly slow, but mostly works.  You can find instructions here:


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