[Bug 223564] Using a test script with filename "null" prevent "make install"

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--- Comment #1 from Alan Somers <asomers at FreeBSD.org> ---
I can confirm the bug.  I ran "make && sudo make -dA install" in both the
working and non-working case and compared the output.  What I found was very
surprising.  In the working (file name is not named "null") case, I see this:

Applying[.MAKE.DEPENDFILE] :T to "/dev/null"
  Result[.MAKE.DEPENDFILE] of :T is "null"
  Searching for null ...
  Searching for null ...
     /usr/home/alans/freebsd/head/share/mk ...
     /usr/share/mk ...

In the non-working (file name is "null") case, I see this:

Applying[.MAKE.DEPENDFILE] :T to "/dev/null"
  Result[.MAKE.DEPENDFILE] of :T is "null"
  Global:.MAKE.MAKEFILES = /usr/home/alans/freebsd/head/share/mk/sys.mk
  Parse_SetInput: file
/usr/obj/usr/home/alans/freebsd/head/amd64.amd64/tests/bug/testing/null, line
0, fd -1, nextbuf 0x414cc0, arg 0x800d647c0
  Global:.PARSEDIR =
  Global:.PARSEFILE = null
  ParseSetParseFile: ${.PARSEDIR} =
${.PARSEFILE} = `null'
  ParseReadLine (3): 'atf_test_case "dummy" "cleanup"'
  ParseDoDependency(atf_test_case "dummy" "cleanup")

So it looks like in every case make thinks that /dev/null is a depend file (the
thing that is normally named Makefile.depend) for the target, and tries to read
commands from it.  Also, for some reason it strips off the dirname.  Most of
the time, the file can't be found.  But if a file named "null" exists, then
make will try to read commands from it.  The target doesn't even need to be
named "null".  The bug can be reproduced as long as a file named "null" is
present that contains invalid make syntax.  For example:

$ cd /usr/src/tests/etc/rc.d
$ echo "a b c" > null
$ make && sudo make install
make: "/usr/src/tests/etc/rc.d/null" line 1: Need an operator
make: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
make: stopped in /usr/src/tests/etc/rc.d

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