kyua and Google Contributor License Agreement

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Wed Sep 30 20:20:14 UTC 2015


The kyua test framework which is used to run all the tests in FreeBSD under
/usr/tests/ is available on github:

However, if someone submits a bugfix or enhancement,
Julio requires that they sign a Google Contributor License Agreement with

I understand that this is necessary, but it is quite unfortunate.
I know a number of folks at EMC/Isilon who have walked away from
fixes to kyua because of the Google CLA.

I have signed the Google CLA for kyua through an online submission form in
September 2014,
but sometime this year, Google changed their system and lost a bunch of
submitted CLA signatures (!!) including mine.  Honestly, I was kind of
pissed, and wasn't
motivated to sign the form again.

This link: doesn't seem to
go anywhere,
so I can't even figure out the steps to sign the CLA.

So we are in a state now where good folks who want to contribute
(EMC/Isilon) lose interest
because of needing to sign paperwork.  We also have instance where random
on the Internet try to contribute fixes, but then the fixes are in limbo,
the contributors never bother to sign the Google CLA:

De facto, what has resulted is that Julio is the sole person who can work
on kyua and enhance or fix it.

This is really sad, and a major buzzkill for an open source project.  kyua
is good stuff too, and very helpful for FreeBSD, which makes it even sadder.

Is there anything we can do to get out of this dead-end?

  -> get Google to remove the need for people to sign the Google CLA?
  -> fork the kyua code, and relicense it so it doesn't need the Google CLA?
  -> other?

Julio has done great work, but it is never good to have a single point of
failure for
something as important as this.


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