Call for talk proposals for Testing/Automation at FOSDEM 2016

R. Tyler Croy tyler at
Mon Nov 30 03:22:52 UTC 2015

On behalf of the Testing/Automation devroom organization group, I would like to
invite the FreeBSD community to join us at FOSDEM 2016 but also to submit talk

I've been loosely following some of this groups work, between Kyua and some of
the CI work that rodrigc has been leading, and I would personally love to see a
talk discussing the approaches taken for testing FreeBSD distributions

The full call for proposals can be found here:

That page also contains some background on the devroom, last year's
schedule also gives more of a sense of the room:

I would appreciate sharing this with any other open source communities you may
feel it is relevant to.

- R. Tyler Croy

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