Updating to Kyua 0.12

Julio Merino jmmv at freebsd.org
Sun Nov 22 20:33:28 UTC 2015

Hello all,

It has been more than a year since the previous release and, finally,
Kyua 0.12 is here!  Apologies for the delay.

How this impacts FreeBSD

The devel/kyua ports package will be updated as soon as a I get D4243
reviewed and approved.

I have done multiple local runs of the FreeBSD test suite under different
configurations to ensure that Kyua 0.12 does not introduce regressions...
but this was not under the environment that Jenkins runs, so things could
still go awry in our continuous builds.

If you notice any breakage either in Jenkins or locally, please let me
know and I'll try to address the problem ASAP.

If you intend to run the FreeBSD test suite with parallelism enabled, then
you should currently patch D4254 in order to avoid some spurious failures.
I cannot submit that yet, and the rationale is in the review description.

Rest of the original announcement in kyua-discuss

This is a huge release and marks a major milestone for Kyua as it finally
implements a long-standing feature request: the ability to execute test
cases in parallel.  This is a big deal because test cases are rarely
CPU-bound: running them in parallel yields much faster execution times for
large test suites, allowing faster iteration of changes during development.

As an example: the FreeBSD test suite as of this date contains 3285 test
cases.  With sequential execution, a full test suite run takes around 12
minutes to complete, whereas on a 4-core machine with a high level of
parallelism it takes a little over 1 minute.

Implementing parallel execution required rewriting most of Kyua's core and
partly* explains explains why there has not been a new release for over a
year.  The current implementation is purely subprocess-based, which works
but has some limitations and has resulted in a core that is really complex
and difficult to understand.  Future versions will investigate the use of
threads instead for a simplified programming model and additional
parallelization possibilities.

For more details on the changes in this release and the link to the source
distfile, see the GitHub page:



*: The other part is that we got kid number 2 earlier this year and he has
prevented me from having the energy to hack at odd times ;-P

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