Call for Help: need script for patching ports tree, building with poudriere

Ricky G ricky1252 at
Sun Nov 22 16:42:41 UTC 2015

Portest version 0.0.2 
* Fixed Usage with incorrect description on some options* Added multiple patchfile/glob support* More failed patch output, Still working on formating. Ideas would be great.* Changed BUILT_LIST filter to fix unintended stripping of multiple ports* Changed revert (-R) to (-r) and added a new revert (-R) method.* Several changed to revert more explained below

 As pointed out to me, svn revert -R seems to somehow miss small filenames. This is an svn bug and as a workaround I decided to remove the -r option as it was unreliable altogether, move the -R to -r, and added a filtered revert for the smaller filenames. This solution works well on all my tests with 15+ large diff files, but of course more testing is needed. The new -R option will instead of reverting according to the diff, revert based on changed from the tree. This method is much slower but in the event -r may fail an -R will fix everything regardless of .diff. 		 	   		  
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