Need help fixing failing locale tests

Andrey Chernov ache at
Sun Nov 15 15:38:10 UTC 2015

On 15.11.2015 18:17, John Marino wrote:
>>>> See gettext-0.19.6/gettext-tools/configure, part started with
>>>> # Test for the usual locale name.
>>>> I don't have time to dig more such code now, but I remember I saw more
>>>> for sure.

> Of course it's the same topic.
> If the configure of a port is affected by the locale, that's a big
> problem.  How is this not the same topic?

This is environment problem, not presence or absence of some locales in
the system (f.e. 8859-1 ones) we talked about. And can be easily fixed
in the environment, unlike configure's silent script fallbacks, which
can be fixed by recompiling only.

About environment problem, we already have LANG=C somewhere in the
/usr/ports/Mk/* (probably not in every place) and many ports set LANG=C
or LC_ALL by themselves.

> But I did look at gettext, which is configuring package based on what's
> on the system (not environment).  For the unicode checks, there is
> obviously no issue.
> For the traditional checks, It's ironic, DragonFly uses short locales
> like "fr_FR" which link to the approprioprate ISO8859 or UTF-8 locale.
> Bapt removed them to avoid a bike shed and if he had not done that, this
> gettext configure would not be an issue as "fr_FR" is the very first check.

All parts are optional excepting language itself, so fr_FR is not short
enough, but fr is. From POSIX:


But I dislike short locales due to their uncertainty and remember some
programs and shell scripts that attempts to parse locale name directly
by itself for reasons I don't remember now.


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