Need help fixing failing locale tests

Andrey Chernov ache at
Sun Nov 15 14:39:51 UTC 2015

On 15.11.2015 16:54, John Marino wrote:
> We are talking about people that install FreeBSD 11 as a release.  If
> it's an upgrade, it's documented in UPDATING (it will be) and anybody on
> -CURRENT is taking responsibility for knowing what they are doing.  *IF*
> this is an obstacle, it's either trivial or that user shouldn't be using
> -CURRENT to begin with.

As I already say, I don't want to insist on any particular point of view
in such area as human behavior. I just say that it is POLA violation
(even while it is upgrade) and we can let users decide by themselves,
what it best for them (without me at least).

>> I tell about is not different text document encoding, but program
>> failure due to inability to set his 8859-1 locale.
> Please provide an example of such a program (in ports).

See gettext-0.19.6/gettext-tools/configure, part started with
# Test for the usual locale name.
I don't have time to dig more such code now, but I remember I saw more
for sure.

>> In any case it is related to the user behavior an various views on it.
>> They can be different and I see no point to insist on my particular view
>> at all. But... Programs configure soft-fails shows real danger here.
> and the impact of this is ... ?

Various. It depends on for what reason program sense locale.


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