Need help fixing failing locale tests

Andrey Chernov ache at
Sun Nov 15 12:44:07 UTC 2015

On 15.11.2015 15:24, Andrey Chernov wrote:
> On 15.11.2015 10:09, John Marino wrote:
>> We (DragonFly) didn't just update locales.  We took the opportunity to
>> do spring cleaning.  We didn't want to be as drastic as OpenBSD which
>> removed all encodings except for C/POSIX and UTF, but we did remove
>> several locales intentionally.
>> In the case of ISO8859-1:
>> All ISO8859-* is basically obsolete.
>> In western Europe, if somebody wants ISO-8859, they want ISO8859-15, not
>> ISO8859-1.  They are similar, but the former is tailored for western
>> europe with "Euro" currency and 9 other symbols.  It comes at the
>> expense of removing 10 characters from ISO8859-1. 

Forget to reply on that part:

>> There's also a common
>> problem that users view -15 documents with -1 accidently.  So there was
>> a conscience decision to have either ISO8859-1 or ISO8859-15 but not
>> both.  For western Europe this means the ISO8859-1 versions were dropped.

It is pure user problem choosing its own locale (self footshooting), it
not leads to program build failures (like configure checks) or tests
failures etc. BTW, linux keeps 8859-1 locales.

> ISO8859-1 locales are legacy even if obsoleted in modern world (I agree
> with that). Lots of ports (even at configure stage!) have checks for
> them. Since we generate locales from CLDR now, it will be no cost to
> bring all 8859-1 back to not violate POLA and not fix every failing port.


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