Need help fixing failing locale tests

John Marino at
Sun Nov 15 07:48:02 UTC 2015

On 11/15/2015 8:24 AM, NGie Cooper wrote:
>> On Nov 14, 2015, at 23:09, John Marino <dragonflybsd at> wrote:
>> Bapt liked DF approach well enough that he adopted it.  Even Edwin was
>> first in desiring to clean up locales.  The major update was a perfect time.
>> Bottom line:
>> The testsuite needs to be updated.
>> e.g. use de_DE.ISO8859-15 intead of de_DE.ISO8859-1
>> For latin, replace with US-ASCII equivalent.
> 	I wish this had been clearly communicated here: … instead, there are some POLA violations:
> 	1. No RelNotes.
> 	2. No summary of locales that have been removed.
> 	3. No UPDATING entry for people to migrate from a locale to another.
> 	4. Deprecated locales (as you described it above) are still present on my system after running `make delete-old` (assuming I have my acronyms right, for example, ca_ES, it_CH, etc should be -1, not -15 based on your claim above).
> 	I will update the testcases to use locales if possible, but more work needs to be done finishing off this project and documenting for end-users what has changed.

With 4.) they have been removed from FreeBSD when "Make upgrade" is run
after rebuilding.  Does FreeBSD have a cleanup like that, and did you
run it?  If not, then maybe that needs to be updated.

with 3.) That's a bit like saying changing the color of shoe laces needs
instructions for people to learn how to adjust.  Run "locale -a" to see
what's available on the system.  This has always been true.  Attempting
to switch to a locale that doesn't exist results in staying in "C"
locale, which is quite obvious.

with 2.) Could be combined with 1.) but in any case, there really
shouldn't be POLA on anything that has no standard.  Should you announce
every time you add a locale too, in release notes?
Really "locale -a" should tell the whole story.

1.) A paragraph on removed locales is fine.  Those removed have been
removed because they are a) likely unused and b) if used, they are used
by mistake.  in this case you hit c) where the testsuite probably chose
the "wrong" locale in the first place.  Note that GCC did this too with
their libstdc++ testsuite and that was fixed this weekend (a huge patch
to GCC 6 upstream).


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