Need help fixing failing locale tests

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Sun Nov 15 07:09:38 UTC 2015

On 11/15/2015 4:46 AM, NGie Cooper wrote:
>> On Nov 14, 2015, at 19:28, NGie Cooper <yaneurabeya at> wrote:
>> Why were these locales removed?
>>  58 OLD_FILES+=usr/share/locale/la_LN.ISO8859-1/LC_COLLATE
>>  59 OLD_FILES+=usr/share/locale/la_LN.ISO8859-1/LC_CTYPE
>>  60 OLD_FILES+=usr/share/locale/la_LN.ISO8859-1/LC_TIME
>>  61 OLD_DIRS+=usr/share/locale/la_LN.ISO8859-1
>>  62 OLD_FILES+=usr/share/locale/la_LN.ISO8859-13/LC_COLLATE
>>  63 OLD_FILES+=usr/share/locale/la_LN.ISO8859-13/LC_CTYPE
>>  64 OLD_DIRS+=usr/share/locale/la_LN.ISO8859-13
> la_LN.ISO8859-1 is the old Latin locale, which is no longer installed. Copying over locale files from a stable/10 host works, but I’m confused as to why a bunch of locales weren’t ported over in their non-UTF-8 forms.
> Thanks,

We (DragonFly) didn't just update locales.  We took the opportunity to
do spring cleaning.  We didn't want to be as drastic as OpenBSD which
removed all encodings except for C/POSIX and UTF, but we did remove
several locales intentionally.

In the case of ISO8859-1:
All ISO8859-* is basically obsolete.
In western Europe, if somebody wants ISO-8859, they want ISO8859-15, not
ISO8859-1.  They are similar, but the former is tailored for western
europe with "Euro" currency and 9 other symbols.  It comes at the
expense of removing 10 characters from ISO8859-1.  There's also a common
problem that users view -15 documents with -1 accidently.  So there was
a conscience decision to have either ISO8859-1 or ISO8859-15 but not
both.  For western Europe this means the ISO8859-1 versions were dropped.

In the case of USA and other non-European countries, they keep -1 and
dropped -15.

currency based:
In the case of countries where the currency symbols is not part of
ISO8859, it was dropped.  E.g. Costa Rica uses the Colon which is only
in UTF-8, so there's no ISO8859-* encoding at all for CR.

Who speaks Latin today?
This was mainly an alias for 7-bit ascii.  We originally dropped that,
but later moved it to US-ASCII (which was just a symlink to Latin before)

Bapt liked DF approach well enough that he adopted it.  Even Edwin was
first in desiring to clean up locales.  The major update was a perfect time.

Bottom line:
The testsuite needs to be updated.
e.g. use de_DE.ISO8859-15 intead of de_DE.ISO8859-1
For latin, replace with US-ASCII equivalent.


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