[Bug 204156] fmemopen tests failing after r289863

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Sun Nov 1 04:11:58 UTC 2015


--- Comment #2 from Andrey A. Chernov <ache at FreeBSD.org> ---
r289863 may affect position only when write happens, but all test09, test11 and
test14 never write anything.

I don't have ATF compiled and attempt to write plain C program which does the
same as most failing cases from test09,11,14 and it not fails on -current. 

Moreover, something is fishing here, I can't even find fmemopen2_test.c file in
my -current for lib/libc/stdio/fmemopen2_test:test_data_length mentioned. Is
your ATF copy not damaged/modified somehow? 

BTW, I already meet ATF-specific bugs before, so prefer plain C test cases.

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