cam(4) timeouts in bhyve/kyua runs up on Jenkins?

NGie Cooper yaneurabeya at
Tue May 26 18:45:46 UTC 2015

Hi Neel,

On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 9:06 AM, Neel Natu <neelnatu at> wrote:
> Hi NGie,


> Can you try to reproduce with a virtio-blk instead of ahci-hd?
> It will help narrow down the problem because both ahci-hd and
> virtio-blk emulations share a common backend to read/write to the
> disk.

You'll have to ask Craig. I don't run BHyve at all, and I don't think
that running BHyve over VMware Fusion would be the best "proof of
concept" for determining whether or not there's an issue here as
VMware Fusion suffers timeouts on occasion with mpt(4) under high

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