Some feedback on the jenkins builds

Pedro Giffuni pfg at
Thu Jun 11 20:57:26 UTC 2015

Hi guys;

Just thought some feedback would be useful:

1) It's great to have those summaries on the warnings produced
by clang and gcc. Can we also have those for the different
platforms? It is likely that i386 may show some warnings that
don't happen in amd64.

2) Perhaps we can save some resources by concatenating the builds:
If there is a failure in amd64, we should not spend time attempting to
build i386 or the other platforms.

3) The clang static checker seems to not be uploading the results.
The main page throws an nginx message and the last result appears
to be from 2015-05-04. I guess there is some ongoing work to start
using the plugin though.

Again, huge thanks for this great work, it does help!


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