Helping with saltstack infra automation

Ahmed Kamal email.ahmedkamal at
Tue Jan 6 07:06:04 UTC 2015

Hi fellows,

I've seen Craig's message asking for help on salt automation for the ci
system. I am interested to help. I ping pong'ed a few emails with Craig and
he recommended I mention this on the list, so here I am.

A few bits on my boring self. I come from the Linux community with 15 years
of experience. Most of my work in the past 8 years has been exclusively
cloud, infra automation and devops. I worked with puppet and ansible but
salt seems within reach. I am currently employed by a cloud
and devops consulting firm, who have agreed for me to contribute to this
project. I hope I can be helpful to the freebsd community, as I was to the
Ubuntu <> and Fedora communities earlier.
My goal is to help, and learn from others. I can't promise huge number of
hours, but hopefully it'll be enough to kickstart things. Excited to join
.. My next step is to send a pull-request to the ci github repo with a
basic salt/ dir


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