stress2 and results

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Thanks, Peter. I'm going to run the regression tests in /misc today. 


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On Fri, Jan 02, 2015 at 10:08:34AM -0500, Susan Stanziano wrote: 
> Happy New Year, everyone: 
> On Dec. 22, Andy Zhang asked some questions about stress2 which I also had but no one has responded yet so I'll ask mine: 
> I've read the available doc (two .pdf files) but don't see how to understand results or where to find results. It looks like there are no 
> created result files. Is this correct? So, is the goal to see a panic and then de-bug the panic? 

Yes, that's right. 

> I've run the suite on a VM here and am at Loop #1118 now (about 48 hours). The system gets low on resources at various times but hasn't panic'd yet. 
> What is the accepted way to interpret this situation? I would like to make this suite a useful part of our testing effort here, but I need 
> to undestand the intended goals. 

The primary goal is to crash the kernel. If running the tests for a 
long time does not cause a panic, that is often interpreted as 
"success". A different view is that the test suite is broken :) 

Look at the (regression) tests in stress2/misc, and run them by 
./ -o 

This should take some 36 hours on modern hardware. Remember to add 
a swap disk, as many of the tests rely on VM pressure. 

> Thanks, 
> Susan Stanziano 
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