One kyua test failure in FreeBSD10.1 running on Hyper-V 2012R2

Ed Maste emaste at
Fri Jan 2 16:11:12 UTC 2015

Hi Andy,

>         This stress2 test framework is very easy to use. I have run the test on 10.1 over the weekend. The VM seems extremely slow after running stress2 for two days, is this expected?

Is it slow only while the test runs, or does it remain slow after a
test iteration completes? The tests are intended to push the system to
its limits, so I'm not surprised that the system is slow while certain
tests run. It should return to a normal state after tests complete

> My question is
> 1. How long should I run the stress2 test?

There's no set time, but a couple of days of run time seems reasonable
to me. I hope others who have used the stress2 tests to find new
panics or other issues can comment on their experience.

> 2. Is there any clear test result shows whether this test passes or not?

There's no clear "pass" report; a test "failure" will typically be a
kernel panic. Although "the VM did not panic after two days" may not
seem as satisfying as a test that prints "PASSED" at the end, it does
provide valuable coverage.

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