[Bug 199308] unix_passfd doesn't work

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--- Comment #3 from Garrett Cooper,425-314-3911 <ngie at FreeBSD.org> ---

r281314 | ngie | 2015-04-09 09:52:53 -0700 (Thu, 09 Apr 2015) | 18 lines

MFstable/10 r228371:

This missing MFC fixes PR 199308

r228371 (by jhb):

- Add a test for PR 151758.
- While here, make this compile and work on non-i386:
  - Use CMSG_SPACE(), CMSG_LEN(), and CMSG_FIRSTHDR() instead of ignoring
    padding between 'struct cmsghdr' and control message payloads.
  - Don't initialize the control message before calling recvmsg().
    Instead, check that we get a valid control message on return from
- Use errx() instead of err() for some errors that don't report failures
  that set errno.

Requested by:   kib (1)


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