Automatically running /usr/tests on stable/10 branch under Jenkins

Garrett Cooper yaneurabeya at
Sat Oct 25 05:11:15 UTC 2014

On Oct 24, 2014, at 21:45, Garrett Cooper <yaneurabeya at> wrote:

> On Oct 24, 2014, at 21:20, Craig Rodrigues <rodrigc at> wrote:
>> On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 11:06 PM, K. Macy <kmacy at> wrote:
>>>>> (2)  Creates a bootable UFS image with makefs
>>>> any chance zfs will be used as well?
>>> Seconded. There are residual locking issues issues in ZFS.
>>> Particularly in the less exercised areas.
>> I think what would be an interesting exercise is to set up a Jenkins job to
>> build
>> and boot a bhyve VM with ZFS, and then run
>> the ZFS Test Suite, ported by Alan Somers to FreeBSD:
>> Are there any volunteers who would like to help set that up and get it
>> running
>> under Jenkins?
> I think getting tools/regression/zfs working first would be a better idea (which means that ZFS developers will need to go debug/fix the issue noted in ). I’ll go ahead and commit my fixes to head from my github fork so it runs.

	Might have helped if I had referenced the appropriate bug: (I’m basically fixing right now).
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