atf_check() equivalent to test individual shell functions?

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Sun Oct 19 12:24:36 UTC 2014

Fabian Keil <freebsd-listen at> wrote:

> Julio Merino <jmmv at> wrote:
> > On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 4:30 AM, Fabian Keil
> > <freebsd-listen at> wrote:
> > > Here's another zogftw-related problem.
> > 
> > What's zogftw?
> The program I'm writing tests for:

FYI, sysutils/zogftw 2014-09-19 comes with a bunch of ATF test
cases, the port optionally executes them before packaging:

With the help of Redports this has prevented a bug that affected
8.4 and 9.2 (which I don't use myself) from making it into the
final release:

Debugging this was a bit painful due to lack of shell access and DTrace,
but obviously having a user debug this after the release would have been
painful, too.

Currently most of the system binaries zogftw relies are only mocked,
but I intend to look into optionally using the real ones in the

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