[Bug 193499] [tests] usr.bin/yacc/err_syntax27.error failures with the latest kyua

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Mon Oct 6 00:36:36 UTC 2014


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--- Comment #9 from dickey at his.com ---
I made a different change on Thursday, using calloc to allocate the
line data.  That's overkill.  At the same time, I had promised to
make %parse-param work with %destructor, and had started that.  So
I've been working on this (and aside from retesting, static analysis)
and "done".

However, I took a look at this change (undoing the calloc), and
it did not (for whatever reason) entirely fix the valgrind warnings.
In my current code, I got this (with btyacc_demo.y):

==11640== 2 errors in context 1 of 2:
==11640== Invalid write of size 1
==11640==    at 0x4095DB: get_line (reader.c:137)
==11640==    by 0x4097B6: nextc (reader.c:261)
==11640==    by 0x40B04A: copy_destructor (reader.c:2703)  
==11640==    by 0x40BDEA: read_declarations (reader.c:1564)
==11640==    by 0x40DF64: reader (reader.c:3433)
==11640==    by 0x404BBE: main (main.c:692)
==11640==  Address 0x518e7b5 is 0 bytes after a block of size 101 alloc'd
==11640==    at 0x4C244E8: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:236)
==11640==    by 0x4095A9: get_line (reader.c:128)
==11640==    by 0x409664: next_inline (reader.c:215)
==11640==    by 0x409759: nextc (reader.c:258)   
==11640==    by 0x40B28A: read_declarations (reader.c:1502)
==11640==    by 0x40DF64: reader (reader.c:3433)  
==11640==    by 0x404BBE: main (main.c:692)

I did use valgrind to spot the problem in err_syntax27.y, so we're
talking about the same original report.

Anyway, since I have a working fix, I'll continue with that.

(thanks for the feedback)

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