testing with FreeBSD and Kyua

Susan Stanziano susan.stanziano at xinuos.com
Sun Nov 2 13:56:25 UTC 2014

Hi Craig, et al., 

I'm just finding my way through the FreeBSD testing environment so let me know if this is not the right forum for these questions/observations: 

(1) I have 10.1-RC3 installed and have run vmrun.sh a number of times. I notice the following failure on subsequent invocations: 

vm_open: Invalid argument 

We've seen this error here before in running our UnixWare714+ under bhyve and the development engineer here has addressed this issue by 
adding a one second sleep after destroying a vm instance. 

(2) If I attempt to run two VM's under Bhyve at the same time, I see a vm_run error and the first VM is destroyed: 

vm_run error -1, errno 6 
+ bhyve_exit=1 
+ [ 1 -ne 0 ] 
+ break 
+ /usr/sbin/bhyvectl --vm=freebsd-test --destroy 
+ exit 1 

I know we are allowing multiple VM's in our UnixWare714+ under bhyve environment and was wondering if this is supposed to be allowed in FreeBSD. 

(3) After running the kyua suite ("kyua test" command), I have output indicating 4 failures. 

I have gone to the 


site and searched for the failures I've seen to see if they have been previously reported. 

I've seen: 

-- bin/kill/grep-j_test:main - Bug 191019 already reported 

-- l couldn't find bug reports for these: 

-- local/atf/atf-c/macros_test:use -> failed: Build of macros_h_test.c failed; some macros in atf-c/macros.h are broken [0.022s] 

-- local/kyua/testers/run_test:fork_wait__unprivileged_group -> failed: testers/run_test.c:600: Subprocess is still running with GID set to root [0.010s] 

-- usr.bin/yacc/legacy_test:main -> failed: 15 tests of 15 failed [0.150s] 

Is there some place that I can see more details on the actual failures from Kyua? I ran "kyua report" and redirected that into a file and that is all the information I have. 

Thanks for any advice/pointers/corrections, 


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