Changes to the test cluster

Julio Merino jmmv at
Thu Mar 27 13:19:19 UTC 2014



Validating changes to the test cluster was pretty much impossible
without causing downtime on users: every change to the configuration
had to wait a full build cycle to see if it worked, and if it didn't
the breakage was immediately visible to all of you.

After having broken the test runs several times in a row because of
this, I have been reorganizing the way things work so that breakages
are not as visible.

How does this affect you?

If you access test runs from the master
page, you should see no difference.  Some links have been updated, but
that's about it.

If you access specific test runs via a bookmark to, you should fix your bookmarks to point
to kyua3 instead.

You will notice that the front page now has a new "canary" entry.  Use
the results of that link at your own risk.  It is likely for this link
to be broken way more frequently than the others.

Also, all of kyua[123] now serve the test suite front page so pointing
your browser to any of the instances will work.


Basically, I have turned kyua1 into a canary host for changes to
autotest itself and I have made that machine build FreeBSD with
NO_CLEAN=yes for a faster feedback cycle.  The previous role of kyua1
has moved to kyua3 which now builds amd64 just as kyua1 used to do.

The front page now contains a link to this canary setup, which you may
want to check.  However, please be aware that you should not rely on
the results reported here without comparing them to the other entries.
 The fact that this machine is using NO_CLEAN=yes will certainly
result in false negatives at some point, which will require manual
intervention on my part to resolve.

With this in mind, whenever I have to work on changes to autotest, I
will be pushing them to kyua1 first, waiting for a successful run, and
only then pushing the changes to the other workers.

More details can be found here:

Please let me know any thoughts and, especially, where the
documentation is lacking the most.


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