Should we MFC tests into stable/10?

Julio Merino jmmv at
Thu Mar 6 14:32:32 UTC 2014

Hello all,

Keeping the testing infrastructure in sync between current and
stable/10 is, in my opinion, a worthy goal. For that reason, I have
(finally) pulled up a bunch of related pending changes into the branch
today and will continue to do so for upcoming improvements.

However, I would like to gather your opinion on what to do about the
tests themselves.

Do you think it's worth keeping the tests between current and
stable/10 in sync wherever possible? Because we have barely just
started adding tests, this will certainly involve quite a bit of churn
in MFCs -- but that's probably not a big deal. The tricky^Winteresting
cases will come when tests start failing in only one of the two
branches :-P

My opinion is now leaning towards merging everything where it makes
sense.  What's yours?


Julio Merino

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