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Wed Mar 5 00:35:44 UTC 2014

Hello all,

Having {atf,plain,tap} is nice for modularity, but, in
retrospect, it is not a good idea for these files to be user-facing.
In a sense, these files are all internal implementation details of the
glue code in

I am going to make the only publicly-visible mk fragment to
control the build of tests.  The behavior of this file should be
determined by the declarative variables in the Makefile, not by what is
being included.

The main reason is that I'm now finding a situation where I'd like to
build ATF and TAP test programs from a single directory.  To do so, I'd
need to include and simultaneously, both of
which indirectly include  This, of course, causes trouble.

Please see the attached patch (being tested now) for an idea of what
this means.

Anyone thinks this is a bad idea?


PS: This is a "prerequisite" to easily make all the Kyua-related code
optional as some people have requested.  But I'll provide more details
on that in a followup thread.
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