Kyua + Jenkins integration

Julio Merino jmmv at
Fri Jun 27 15:44:35 UTC 2014

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 4:59 PM, Craig Rodrigues <rodrigc at> wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 3:23 AM, Julio Merino <jmmv at> wrote:
> By default, "kyua report-html" will write output files in the ./html directory,
> unless overridden by "--output [directory]".
> However, "kyua report-junit" seems to write output files to stdout
> instead by default.
> You might want to make the default behavior of "kyua report-junit" by closer
> to "kyua report-html", i.e. do not write the output files to stdout by default.

This is intentional and is part of the reason why every output format
has its own command: their behaviors are different and attempting to
represent them with the same command-line interface would be more
confusing. The HTML output generates more than one file so it cannot
write to stdout. But that's the exception, not the norm: both report
and report-junit generate single files and print them to stdout.

The plan is to make report-html write a single file by default (with
an option for chunked output) and write that to stdout. Other than for
consistency reasons, this would resolve some of the concerns with the
current HTML output (aka harder to manage than atf's due to the
multi-file setup.)

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