How do I extend Kyua requirements checking for FreeBSD?

Garrett Cooper yaneurabeya at
Thu Jun 26 19:05:56 UTC 2014

Hello Julio!
    I'm looking at extending Kyua to create special FreeBSD-specific
functionality, and I'm wondering how I should do it. In particular
there are a couple items that could be checked as prerequisite
requirements before running tests to avoid running tests:
    1. Is a service running?
    2. Is a driver loaded?
    3. Is a driver loaded as a kernel module or is it statically
compiled in to the kernel?
    4. Am I running on a particular filesystem?
    If I was to add these "requirements functions" to kyua, how would
I query the values in an interface agnostic way? I would usually set
environment variables, but this makes things potentially messier
(especially in C/C++ unless I create a standalone library to handle
this)/harder to grep for than having a command which fetches this
information, like atf-config does for the ATF tester interface.
Thank you!

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