libvirt and bhyve problems

Roman Bogorodskiy novel at
Wed Jun 11 19:27:30 UTC 2014

  Craig Rodrigues wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 11:21 AM, Roman Bogorodskiy <novel at> wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for the analysis! I'll think what would be a proper fix for that
> > problem.
> >
> > Also, while thinking how to reproduce it, I did 'kldunload if_bridge'
> > and started to see the same problem. So, as a temporary fix, could you
> > check if you have bridge support available (in kernel or via module)?
> >
> > Bridges are needed to get networking anyway.
> Hi,
> My output of kldstat is:
>  1   29 0xffffffff80200000 19d6218  kernel
>  2    1 0xffffffff81bd7000 2e44b0   zfs.ko
>  3    2 0xffffffff81ebc000 8208     opensolaris.ko
>  4    1 0xffffffff81ec5000 4d68     nmdm.ko
>  5    1 0xffffffff81eca000 1a2110   vmm.ko
>  6    1 0xffffffff82211000 53e7     fdescfs.ko
>  7    1 0xffffffff82217000 9aff     if_bridge.ko
>  8    1 0xffffffff82221000 5851     bridgestp.ko
>  9    1 0xffffffff82227000 5673     if_tap.ko
> 10    1 0xffffffff8222d000 2a94     uhid.ko
> 11    1 0xffffffff82230000 3592     ums.ko
> so I do have if_bridge.ko loaded.

I've attached a patch which should fix the segfault. Could you please
let me know if it fixes the problem?

However, we still need to figure out why networking is not being
enabled. The root cause of that is that libvirt should start the default
network when the daemon starts up. This network should create a bridge
device (virbr0).

Later on, when one starts a guest, it should create tap device and add
it to the bridge. Obviously, it fails at this step as there's no bridge

Could you please send me config.log file and also a port directory with
your fixes so I could test it as well?

As for your previous question on my setup, I'm using master branch of the
libvirt git repo and my configure args are:

$ ./configure --with-bhyve --without-polkit --with-hal \
  CFLAGS="-g -O0 -I/usr/local/include" LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib \

I'm working on 10-STABLE.

However, it's really bad if it works only this way. :-( I would love to
fix the port.

> If you are doing development on CURRENT, make sure that you have
> WITH_LLDB=yes in /etc/src.conf when you rebuild the system.
> Looks like gdb in base cannot debug the cores.

Thanks for the hint!

Roman Bogorodskiy
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