A new way to test systems in multiple machine scenarios...

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at FreeBSD.org
Thu Jul 10 17:07:40 UTC 2014

On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 8:21 AM, George Neville-Neil <gnn at neville-neil.com>

> This, actually, is the problem I found.  Lots of folks have partial
> solutions that are either proprietary,
> internal, not read for prime time, not quite what we want, etc. etc.  I
> did get one private
> response of another system to look at as well.
> I basically did this as a stake in the ground around which to build
> something we could possibly move forwards
> with.  It's not a 100% solution but it's 80% of the solution to the
> problem I run into 80% of the time.

You are absolutely right.
Many companies have internal testing frameworks that are home-grown
and proprietary.  It's great for the individual company, but doesn't help
people in the larger community.

Since you put this stuff in github, I encourage folks to hack on the
code and send pull requests to George to help improve it!


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