[Bug 194828] [test] lib.libc.sys.getcontext_test.setcontext_link fails on amd64, not i386

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Thu Dec 18 21:26:47 UTC 2014


--- Comment #19 from Julio Merino,+1 347 694 0576,New York City <jmmv at FreeBSD.org> ---
Just to clarify regarding:

Older versions of ATF had gdb integration, but this might not be in kyua. Let
me dig around a bit more and determine whether or not that's possible still...

Kyua does have the same "GDB integration" that ATF had, namely that Kyua will
automatically extract a stacktrace of any crashed test program and attach such
stacktrace to the test report.

Now... stacktrace gathering in FreeBSD was broken because the version of GDB in
base is super-old and did not accept the command-line syntax that Kyua was
expecting.  This has been fixed in
and will be part of Kyua 0.12.

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