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Sun Aug 31 23:14:24 UTC 2014

On Aug 31, 2014, at 4:09 PM, Garrett Cooper <ngie at> wrote:

> Author: ngie
> Date: Sun Aug 31 23:09:23 2014
> New Revision: 270905
> URL:
> Log:
>  MFC r266650, r267172 (both by jmmv):
>  r266650:
>    Change libatf-c and libatf-c++ to be private libraries.
>    We should not be leaking these interfaces to the outside world given
>    that it's much easier for third-party components to use the devel/atf
>    package from ports.
>    As a side-effect, we can also drop the ATF pkgconfig and aclocal files
>    from the base system.  Nothing in the base system needs these, and it
>    was quite ugly to have to get them installed only so that a few ports
>    could build.  The offending ports have been fixed to depend on
>    devel/atf explicitly.
>    Reviewed by:  bapt
>  r267172:
>    Homogenize libatf-* version numbers with upstream.
>    The libatf-* major version numbers in FreeBSD were one version ahead of
>    upstream because, when atf was first imported into FreeBSD, the upstream
>    numbers were not respected.  This is just confusing and bound to cause
>    problems down the road.
>    Fix this by taking advantage of the fact that libatf-* are now private
>    and that atf is not yet built by default.  However, and unfortunately, a
>    clean build is needed for tests to continue working once "make
>    delete-old-libs" has been run; hence the note in UPDATING.
>  Phabric: D701
>  Approved by: jmmv (maintainer, mentor)

Hi all,
	If you’re running stable/10 after this point, please be sure to run make delete-old-libs as described in UPDATING (prior to installworld though IIRC). It’s important because you might run into runtime linking issues with the tests depending on which compiler you use, which could cause false positives when run with kyua as the ATF code.
	I’m going to try and get out the MFC for r267181 out before 10.1 is cut as well, which should make going between CURRENT and 10-STABLE considerably easier with the test infrastructure.
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