Please provide process for small, targeted fixes in tools/regression

Peel, Casey casey.peel at
Fri Apr 11 17:57:03 UTC 2014

I have several small, targted fixes to files in src/tools/regression/ to:

1)      enable existing *.t tests to run that were failing

2)      add new *.t files for directories that enable running TAP-enabled binaries through prove

3)      *.c updates to remove clang compiler warnings

Can someone please provide a process for getting these approved and committed in a timely manner? I would prefer to get these upstream and then pull them down if at all possible, but I simply don't have time for these to languish for weeks in a committee.

Isilon has BSD committers (eg: bdrewery) I can leverage if that would be more expedient but given these are all testing-centric it seems like getting approval from one or more people on freebsd-testing would be best.

-- Casey

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