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Alan Somers asomers at
Wed Apr 2 16:31:46 UTC 2014

On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 2:53 AM, Peter Holm <peter at> wrote:
> I have uploaded a snapshot of the ATF work done for EMC Isilon,
> based primarily on Garrett Cooper's work.
> +
> chmod +x /usr/src/lib/libc/tests/net/gen_ether_subr

Holy patch queue, Batman!  There's fifty thousand lines of code in here!

I'm not going to read every line, but here's what I noticed:

All of the files from NetBSD should have a $FreeBSD:$ tag alongside
the NetBSD tag.

lib/libc/tests/net/getaddrinfo/Makefile has some commented out code
that should be removed.

So does lib/libc/tests/net/getaddrinfo/

Could lib/libc/tests/net/gen_ether_subr be converted to an awk script
by replacing the first line with "#!/usr/bin/awk -f" and removing the
invocation to awk?  Then it would have the correct syntax highlighting
in editors.

lib/libc/tests/net/Makefile has one tested comment out with the
comment "test uses rump".  Would it be possible instead to leave the
test in the build, but put "require.progs rump_server" in the relevant
test cases' heads?

It would be more idiomatic for lib/libc/tests/tls_dso/Makefile to
define a TESTSDIR variable and use that in the definitions of LIBDIR

lib/libc/tests/gen/Makefile has several tests commented out.  Several
of the comments are confusingly short (what does "XXX: F_MAXFD DNE"
mean)?  And the "#ATF_TESTS+=   posix_spawn" line should be deleted.

lib/libc/tests/gen/posix_spawn/Makefile contains commented out code.

lib/libc/tests/arch contains subdirectories that FreeBSD doesn't
support and never will, like Vax.  They should be deleted.

It's unfortunate that all of t_sha2 is disabled.  I don't understand
the comment, either.  Is it disabled just because FreeBSD doesn't have
sha384 functions?  We have both sha1 and sha256 in libc.

lib/libc/tests/termios/Makefile has WARNS=4 commented out.  Why is that?

Some Makefiles define "MAN= ".  It is more idiomatic to define "NOMAN=".

Check your whitespace in tests/sys/kern/kern_fork_test.c and
tests/sys/kern/user_test.c.  I see lines with leading spaces.

I tried to test your patch, but I was unable to apply it.  It looks
like you did "diff -dur src /usr/src" or something like that.  The
problem is that the two paths need different levels of directories to
be stripped.  Neither patch nor svn patch can deal with that.  The
result is that either the newly created files appear in the wrong
place, or the tool patches /usr/src/Makefile when it's supposed to
patch /usr/src/tests/Makefile and /usr/src/libc/Makefile.  Could you
please try to regenerate the patch?


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