Populating /usr/tests

Julio Merino julio at meroh.net
Sat Oct 19 15:49:43 UTC 2013


[ CCing same interested parties as before ]

Here comes the next round of patches. This time the goal is to start
populating /usr/tests (which already exists) with the only test
program currently available in the tree: src/lib/libcrypt/tests/*.

With this boilerplate in place, adding new test programs to the base
system should be straightforward (which is the goal here!). I'll be
happy to provide a tutorial later if we agree to this scheme, similar
to the one we have for NetBSD (http://wiki.netbsd.org/tutorials/atf/),
detailing the procedure to add both atf-based and "old-style" test

The README file added in add-tests-hierarchy.diff and the tests.7 page
added in add-tests-7.diff might answer some of the questions you might
have. Not repasting their contents here.

As before, the new set of patches is in
http://portal.meroh.net/~jmmv/freebsd-testing/ .  The series file in
it lists the order in which they need to be read/applied and each
patch has a header usable as the commit log.

I have successfully tested this both in amd64 and powerpc with update
and clean builds/installs. However, please review carefully.



Julio Merino / @jmmv

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