Survey on Open Source

Mike Chan mikecck at
Wed Sep 22 19:06:33 PDT 2004

Dear all,

I am conducting a survey on open source software. This is for my academic
coursework and dissertation. It will be great to have your support and
participation in this survey. 

This survey has two separate questionnaires, focusing on the following

1) OSS development (Developers or those who contribute in coding or
documentation), and
2) IT/IS costs (CIOs or IT Managers). 

You are free to go for the questionnaire that is appropriate for you.

Below are the links:

1) Brief introduction page:

2) Questionnaire 1(Open Source Development):

3) Questionnaire 2(Open Source and IT/IS Cost): 

Thank you for your time.

Mike Chan
Curtin University of Technology

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