[Bug 255290] _POSIX_C_SOURCE=200809 hides static_assert

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Thu Apr 22 07:58:27 UTC 2021


--- Comment #16 from Olivier Certner <olivier.freebsd at free.fr> ---
(In reply to Warner Losh from comment #13)

> It's a case of doing exactly what the standard specifies, and nothing more.

The standard doesn't specify that. In particular, as said above, it never says
that defining _POSIX_C_SOURCE is enough to obtain a strictly POSIX environment.

And more precisely, it says this, which directly answers our concern:

> 2.2 The Compilation Environment
> 2.2.1 POSIX.1 Symbols
> Certain symbols in this volume of POSIX.1-2017 are defined in
> headers (see XBD Headers). Some of those headers could also define
> symbols other than those defined by POSIX.1-2017, potentially
> conflicting with symbols used by the application. Also, POSIX.1-2017
> defines symbols that are not permitted by other standards to appear
> in those headers without some control on the visibility of those symbols.
> Symbols called "feature test macros" are used to control the visibility
> of symbols that might be included in a header. Implementations, future
> versions of this standard, and other standards may define additional
> feature test macros.
> (snip)
> The _POSIX_C_SOURCE Feature Test Macro
> (snip)
> When an application includes a header described by POSIX.1-2017,
> and when this feature test macro is defined to have the value 200809L:
> 1 All symbols required by POSIX.1-2017 to appear when the header is
> included shall be made visible.
> 2 Symbols that are explicitly permitted, but not required, by
> POSIX.1-2017 to appear in that header (including those in reserved name
> spaces) may be made visible.
> 3 Additional symbols not required or explicitly permitted by
> POSIX.1-2017 to be in that header shall not be made visible, except when
> enabled by another feature test macro.

So yes, it's possible to define additional macros under a feature test macro.

> There's no feature test macro defined for sources to say they want a C11
> extensions in addition to the strict posix environment requested by
> __POSIX_C_SOURCE__ = 200809.

As quoted above, an implementation is free to define any feature test macro
they wish. So, compiling with C11 with appropriate flags on the command-line
should automatically define some feature test macro, and then we'll be standard

> glibc choses to enable this by default, but it's unclear that's standard
> conformant.

It is standard conformant. The standard says that conformant programs should be
built with c99, not cc (I could not find references to cc in the standard), so
it seems clear (to me at least) that the default C standard supported by cc is
irrelevant to this discussion.

> https://reviews.freebsd.org/D29902

Thanks. Commenting there.

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