[Bug 255073] boot (UEFI): no progress beyond EFI framebuffer information

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--- Comment #1 from Graham Perrin <grahamperrin at gmail.com> ---
### Background

(2020-12-04) observed that a previously available HP ProBook 440 G7: 

* did boot from installers for OmniOS community edition

  – omniosce-r151036.iso 
  – omniosce-r151036.usb-dd

* did _not_ boot from installers for FreeBSD 12.2 or 13.0-CURRENT

* did _not_ boot from the installer for GhostBSD.

>From the postscripts there: 

> FreeBSD bug 244906 – kernel booted by loader.efi on 
> VMware Fusion crashes in EFI firmware
> * discussion in IRC suggests that the 
>   root cause may be the same
> * Toomas Soome (tsoome) thinks that mine is the 
>   second hardware instance of the bug.

Bug 244906 became a duplicate of later bug 251866: 

> Because the loader.efi modified the size of EFI_STAGING_SIZE, 
> vmware could not start the system above FreeBSD 12.2

(2020-12-25) Ludovit Koren wrote: 

> FreeBSD-13.0-CURRENT-amd64-20201224-3cc0c0d66a0-255241-memstick.img 
> still not working on HP EliteBook 830 G7.

Bug 251866 comment 31 (2021-04-14): 

> There's been a lot of chance since 12.x. this may be unrelated to 
> this size change and should have a new bug assigned to it, I think, 
> so we don't conflate the two issues if they are indeed separate.

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