[Bug 221341] C99 functions cpow, cpowf, cpowl, clog, clogf, clogl are missing

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Fri Nov 3 14:31:54 UTC 2017


Michael Danilov <mike.d.ft402 at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Michael Danilov <mike.d.ft402 at gmail.com> ---
I second that. Keeps me from porting this one:


Just did a quick search, other BSDs have had them for years!


So I copied those from OpenBSD. Not sure I did everything right -- could
someone with experience please have a look? For example, I'm not sure what
Symbol.map does -- and whether the order of that list matters, so I just added
those things to the end.

Was able to buildworld & compile NFFT with those, but I can not tell whether it

By the way, is there any way to build _just one_ library without having to wait
for the whole buildworld? It takes too long even if I run it with ccache and
keeping the old /usr/obj.

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