[Bug 213013] unicode private use chars incorrectly classified

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--- Comment #3 from Kurtis Rader <krader at skepticism.us> ---
Yes, you're missing something. The reason those code points are in the Arabic
Presentation Forms code block is a historical accident. That is, contingent on
the development of Unicode over many years. From the PDF standards document I
linked to:

> In addition, there is a contiguous range of another 32 noncharacter code points in the BMP: U+FDD0..U+FDEF. For historical reasons, the range U+FDD0..U+FDEF is contained within the Arabic Presentation Forms-A block, but those noncharacters are not “Arabic noncharacters” or “right-to-left noncharacters,” and are not distinguished in any other way from the other noncharacters, except in their code point values.

They were reserved as private-use code points because they had not already been
assigned as characters (glyphs) and it was decided that another adding another
32 private use code points would be useful.

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