[Bug 193594] stddef.h should define max_align_t

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Sat Sep 13 03:28:11 UTC 2014


--- Comment #1 from lichray at gmail.com ---
One more issue needs to be fixed for libc++ in base if we make the change:

In cstddef, the latest version contains

#if defined(__CLANG_MAX_ALIGN_T_DEFINED) || defined(_GCC_MAX_ALIGN_T)
// Re-use the compiler's <stddef.h> max_align_t where possible.
using ::max_align_t;
typedef long double max_align_t;

which is hacky, but the version we use is even worse

typedef long double max_align_t;

, which is bad.

After we updated /usr/include/stddef.h, we should patch our libc++ to say just

using ::max_align_t;

in C++11 mode (exactly what libstdc++ does).

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