Is AF_UNIX really deprecated?

Garrett Wollman wollman at
Fri Jun 20 18:18:20 UTC 2014

<<On Fri, 20 Jun 2014 10:53:18 +0800, Kevin Lo <kevlo at> said:

> It seems that the word "deprecated" may lead to misunderstanding.
> The diff below removes "deprecated" to socket(2).  Does it look ok?  Thanks.

I think this is an improvement.  I've removed some of the unsupported
families from this listing and added others that were never
documented.  We should consider whether to stop documenting the PF_*
constants and use only AF_* constants; although this is bogus in terms
of semantics, it's what POSIX has standardized.

It would be really great if someone had the time to go through all of
the interfaces in 1003.1-2008 and add/update conformance statements
for each manual page.  I'm not that someone.


Index: socket.2
--- socket.2	(revision 267679)
+++ socket.2	(working copy)
@@ -57,24 +57,30 @@
 The currently understood formats are:
 .Bd -literal -offset indent -compact
-PF_LOCAL	Host-internal protocols, formerly called PF_UNIX,
-PF_UNIX		Host-internal protocols, deprecated, use PF_LOCAL,
+PF_LOCAL	Host-internal protocols (alias for PF_UNIX),
+PF_UNIX		Host-internal protocols,
 PF_INET		Internet version 4 protocols,
-PF_PUP		PUP protocols, like BSP,
-PF_APPLETALK	AppleTalk protocols,
-PF_ROUTE	Internal Routing protocol,
+PF_INET6	Internet version 6 protocols,
+PF_ROUTE	Internal routing protocol,
 PF_LINK		Link layer interface,
-PF_IPX		Novell Internet Packet eXchange protocol,
-PF_RTIP		Help Identify RTIP packets,
-PF_PIP		Help Identify PIP packets,
-PF_ISDN		Integrated Services Digital Network,
 PF_KEY		Internal key-management function,
-PF_INET6	Internet version 6 protocols,
-PF_NATM		Native ATM access,
-PF_NETGRAPH	Netgraph sockets
+PF_NATM		Asynchronous transfer mode protocols,
+PF_NETGRAPH	Netgraph sockets,
+PF_IEEE80211	IEEE 802.11 wireless link-layer protocols (WiFi),
+PF_BLUETOOTH	Bluetooth protocols,
+PF_INET_SDP	OFED socket direct protocol (IPv4),
+PF_INET6_SDP	OFED socket direct protocol (IPv6)
+Each protocol family is connected to an address family, which has the
+same name except that the prefix is
+.Dq Dv AF_
+in place of
+.Dq Dv PF_ .
+Other protocol families may be also defined, beginning with
+.Dq Dv PF_ ,
+with corresponding address families.
 The socket has the indicated
 .Fa type ,
 which specifies the semantics of communication.
@@ -307,6 +313,37 @@
 .%B PS1
 .%N 8
+.Fn socket
+function conforms to
+.St -p1003.1-2008 .
+standard specifies only the
+.Dv AF_INET ,
+.Dv AF_INET6 ,
+constants for address families, and requires the use of
+.Dv AF_*
+constants for the
+.Fa domain
+argument of
+.Fn socket .
+flag is expected to conform to the next revision of the
+.Fa type ,
+.Dv PF_*
+constants, and other address families are
 .Fn socket

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